The Euridice Gallery

B r o o k l y n


A creative space for artists, by artists.


Photography /  Film / Video Production Studios

Event Space / Performance Space

Design and Fabrication Studios







~ Elysium ~

Traditional white box photography studio at Street level.

Easy parking and load in.

Kitchen, Bar, Restroom.

  22'w x 40'L.

14' ceilings, with suspension hardpoints at 12'.

Private gated courtyard access. 

The Elysium space is a clean spacious studio, that affords you maximum control of the light.  

Seamless backdrops, v-flats, and a growing array of lighting and production equipment are at your fingertips.

Our well-seasoned production assistants are on hand to make things easy.

Have your set and props built to spec and ready to go before you arrive in our on-site fabrication shop.

Get the stylists and Models settled in to the green room/dressing area and go to work. 

Infernum ~

Dark "black box" studio.

Theatrical lighting grid with ellipsoidal spotlights. 

elevator access.

Dressing room, Lounge, full bathroom.

23' x 37' 

10' ceilings with suspension hardpoints.

Infernum has a unique atmosphere on it's own, and is ideal for shoots where maximum control of ambient light and reflection are critical.

Event Rental

In order to maintain privacy and security, all event rentals are required to have a door-person on site, from our list of selected personnel, for an additional fee of$200.

Alcohol is permitted on site and arrangements in that regard, which best suit your needs, can be made.

Music of a moderate noise level is easily accommodated on the upper level and the lower level can offer a louder atmosphere per your needs.

The courtyard, albeit private and gated, can comfortably host intimate conversation and low ambient music.

We tend to host events of a more intimate and discerning nature and are somewhat selective with our clientele.

Bookings require a 4 hour minimum and an additional charge of a cleaning fee ranging from $150-200 is required for some events.

Rehearsal Studio Rental

Both Elysium and Infernum have a vibrant, wet, live acoustic.  Elysium is silent as a tomb...

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