The Euridice Gallery

B r o o k l y n


A creative space for artists, by artists.


Photography /  Film / Video Production Studios

Event Space / Performance Space

Design and Fabrication Studios







Art Gallery ~ Photo Studio

Tucked away in the heart of Bedstuy you find the unmarked entrance.

Pass through the heavy wrought iron gates and into the courtyard. 

Elysium stands in dramatic contrast to the urban bustle you just left behind. 

A Clean, bright, quiet escape from the city.  

Roughly 40 feet long, and 20 feet wide with 14  feet of headroom. Elysium offers a purposeful minimalist environment that can be adapted to a multitude of uses.

Central air conditioning and heating. Catering area. Sound system. Restroom.  Fabrication studios, and more.


Park outside and bring your gear inside.

Easy to load in and load out.

Straightforward white studio space.

Seamless backdrops, v-flats, and a growing array of lighting and production equipment are at your fingertips.

Our well-seasoned production assistants are on hand to make things easy.

Have your set and props built to spec and ready to go before you arrive in our on-site fabrication shop.

Get the stylists and Models settled in to the green room/dressing area and go to work. 




Whether glowing in candlelight, or illuminated for a show, Elysium is a space that has presence. 

The space is ideal for pop up Art exhibitions, photo/film/video shoots, fashion shows, private parties, presentations, meetings, theatrical rehearsals and live performances. 

A memorable experience awaits.

Climate controlled

Catering and Bar area.

Private Restrooms.

Pro Audio system.

Museum Lighting

Fabrication studios.




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