The Euridice Gallery

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A creative space for artists, by artists.


Photography /  Film / Video Production Studios

Event Space / Performance Space

Design and Fabrication Studios






The Euridice Gallery is a private, elegantly appointed art space located in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. 

The space,is ideal for photography, film, and video shoots,  pop up exhibitions, fashion shows, private events, dinner parties, receptions, theater rehearsals, and live performances.

Check our calendar for Euridice's upcoming program of carefully curated Events and Exhibitions. 

Euridice consists of two dramatically contrasting studio spaces:  Elysium at street level, and and Infernum below.  

With 1800 sq ft total space, Euridice Gallery can very comfortably host 100 people, with plenty of room to spare. 

Euridice also offers an in-house fabrication and design atelier. Exquisitely rendered sets, props, and custom furniture, can be made and installed on site by our small team of seasoned craftsmen and production assistants. Saving you transportation costs and logistical nightmares. If you can imagine it, we can make it. This is the good stuff.

Don't look back.



Street level.

Traditional white box photography studio and Art Gallery Space. 

Kitchen, Bar, Restroom, 

Private gated courtyard access. 

Sound system.

The space is ideal for pop up Art exhibitions, photo/film/video shoots, fashion shows, private events, theatrical rehearsals and live performances.

555 Fabrication and Design is adjacent to the Elysium studios. 

20171104-morracan party johnathan-9161.jpg


Subterranean level.

Black box Theater space.

Theatrical lighting grid. full array of old-school incandescent ellipsoidal spotlights controlled on DMX dimmers. 

Pro audio sound system. 

Modular stage platforms, catwalk, and seating.

Excellent live accoustic.

Additional Restroom

Makeup/wardrobe/greenroom area.

 3/4" athletic mats

Euridice Gallery


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